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What to Wear

Arguably the hardest decision to make when preparing for your portrait session is planning what to wear. Here’s a simple list for you to follow…

Be you!

It’s easy to get carried away on Pinterest searching for the cutest, trendiest outfit, right? I know I do it all the time! But, in reality, I know the majority of what’s trendy isn’t for me. So, be honest with yourself, know your body, know your style and stick to it. You want to be comfortable. If you’re used to 3 inch heels, wear them. If you’re not – don’t! Never worn skinny jeans? A photo session probably isn’t the best time to try them out. Same goes for your kids. The last thing you want is for them to be yanking on their stiff collar or crying because their shoes are uncomfortable. I pride myself in capturing true emotion, first and foremost, location and clothing are secondary.

Look at home!

Go through your closet before running out to the store. Is there a special shirt your daughter loves? Does she have a funky pair of shoes you and her adore? Match one of those special items with a nice skirt or jacket, to spruce things up yet stays true to “her”.

Clean and tidy!

I’m not saying you shouldn’t mismatch or layer items. But, please no holes, stains, or wrinkles unless they are intended and part of the design.

General list of things to avoid:

Exposed bra straps, sunburn, hair rubber bands on wrists, wrinkles, and stained clothing.

Still looking for inspiration?

Check out my Pinterest board for color pallets and seasonal ideas!