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Hey guys!!

Is it just me, or does everyone else get crazy emotional when their child starts a new school year? It’s one of those milestones you’re actually present for, as opposed to the hustle and bustle of the Holidays, which always seem to rush by! And how about how you literally watch them walk off into a new environment and adventure with people you hardly even know, so hard, right? Maybe it’s because I remember, so well, how I felt when I started a new school year and how my emotions were off the charts! New clothes, new friends, new teachers, new school supplies (lets be honest, that trapper keeper and lunch box was the best part of the new school year), the excitement was intense!

Whatever it is that has me all emotional over back to school, I can’t stop thinking how happy I am that I took the time to shoot Drew’s mini Back to School lifestyle session. We both had a lot of fun, plus,  I’ve received awesome feedback from a lot of you. I keep looking at the pictures, admiring how adorable he looks and how excited I am to have captured him at this very moment, so excited that I have decided to offer Back to School Mini Sessions!!!!!

back to school

Sessions will be held in the evening at you child’s school. (after homework, of course)

Sessions offered in the month of September – ONLY


Email me to book your session!


Oh Hey, Home School Mamas!

I haven’t forgotten about you and all the hard work you pour into your child’s education day in and day out, and let’s not forget about that elaborate work space you’ve created, too! I would LOVE to capture it with you and your student. So, don’t feel left out and contact me to book your session today!



By the way, this is my fave from the other day, it’s already been ordered and will be framed as soon as it comes in!! back to school



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Last month, I came upon an awesome opportunity to do a lifestyle session for two ridiculously cute little boys, most times this would be really easy and super fun, right? Except for the tiny challenge, their mom, Nicole Rogers, is a wonderfully talented Charlotte, NC Lifestyle Photographer whose home is covered with gorgeous canvases and various art work of her family, taken not only by herself but some seriously talented artists at well. I was left wondering…. what can I do for her? How can I possibly create images she will love just as equally as the work she already adores, while not letting myself get overwhelmed by the pressure???

Let the kids be kids.

Any photographer knows their own kids are immune to the camera, sure, I may be someone new, but my big camera, it’s not. Lets face it, these kids  have had this camera pointed at within them minutes of their arrival into this world. So, what better to do than to just let life happen, the way it normally would… in jammies and rain boots on any warm evening ;).

I let these little boys lead me, while capturing their true essence with their emotion and surroundings, in a way I hoped Mom would love. And guess what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. I adore this images in this session as much as I do the connection the boys and I made.


backyard summer backyard lifestyle 2015-04-03_0003 summer nights

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For a while The Buchanan Family and I have wanted to set up a photography session, and we finally did it! I knew right away how I wanted their lifestyle session to go; at their home on a warm sunny North Carolina evening, very relaxed, doing what they love to do. They were a little hesitant, but thankfully my vision was strong and I was able to persuade them.;)

It was awesome, and here are the pictures to prove it….

family life mommy son daddy son sweet love craft beer on the porch skate kid family dogs

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